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Simple Present tense

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1 Simple Present tense on Sun Jul 04, 2010 8:48 am


em làm bài này chia trợ động từ và tìm hiểu xem đọan dối thọai này có vui không nha.

Use do, does, don't or doesn't to complete the jokes:
1 What type of car _____your dad drive?
I know the name, but it starts with a "P".
That's strange, our car starts with a key.
2 _____you ever have problems making up your mind?
> Well, yes and no.
3 Dad, _____a dishwasher wash dishes?
> Yes, Billy. That's right.
And _____a bus driver drive buses?
> Yes.
And _____ a weightlifter lift weights?
> Yes. Why all the questions?
Well, _____ a shoplifter lift shops?
4 What _____ ants take when they are ill?
> I know.
5 What _____ your father do for a living?
> As little as possible!
6 What _____ you clean your top teeth with?
> A toothbrush, of course.
And what _____ you clean your bottom with?
> The same.
Really! I use paper!
7 _____ you love me?
> Of course, darling.
But _____ you love me with all your heart?
> With all my heart, with all my liver, all my kidneys ...
8 _____ this train go to York?
> That's right, sir. Change at Leeds.
What! I want my change here. I'm not waiting until Leeds.
9 Mrs Smith _____ have soft and lovely hands like you, mummy. Why is that?
> Because our servants do all the housework!
10 Mum, _____ God go to the bathroom?
> No, son, why _____ you ask?
Well, every morning dad goes to the bathroom, knocks on the door and shouts,
"Oh God! Are you still in there?"
Using the following pattern, write similar true sentences about what you do often or regularly,
You could use the verbs go, have, eat, drink, read, visit, buy etc:
I brush my teeth three times a day.
I visit my parents every Sunday.
I wash my hair every two days.

2 Re: Simple Present tense on Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:33 am


Grade one
Grade one
thanks teacher

3 Re: Simple Present tense on Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:49 am


Grade one
Grade one
Thanks. It is very funny grammar

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